About Us

PalletMach is a top brand machine manufacturer that integrates R & D, sales, operation and service of pallet machine and pallet sharing system, which was established in September 2014.…

Perfect design

PalletMach is upgrading the design of all machines independently on the basis of absorbing advanced technology.

Fantastic features

Improve efficiency, PLC control, automatic production, save labor, easy to install and easy to maintain, and…

Cost effectiveness

Machine cost is 50% lower than injection molding machine, and you can recover your investment in…

Environment friendly

All machines work without noise and pollution, and also low energy consumption and eco-friendly.

Customized service

Customize machines capacity, model, size and the mould. PalletMach is making effort to meet your need.

One-stop solution

PalletMach provides you design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, and after-sale service.

Our Mission

PalletMach molded pallet pressing machines have updated three generations to solve the first generation of system stability problems, the second generation of raw materials problems and the third generation of the average daily output problems. Currently, our Raw Materials R & D department is experimenting the pallet synthesis processes without glue. Soon after, environmentally friendly, energy-saving molded pallets will be put into production. Hence, PalletMach will provide all customers with the formulations of pallet raw material without glue. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. PalletMach has the professional pre-sale, sales and after-sales service team, and we will provide our clients…

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