How to Choose The Best Plastic Pallet For Your Shipment?

Nov - 19
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How to Choose The Best Plastic Pallet For Your Shipment?

Plastic pallet is more and more popular in the logistics and warehouse industries. You must search for the best plastic pallet for your shipment and warehouse. The following will give you some useful information.

Before sending cargo off for distribution, it’s important to source the best plastic pallets for the shipping job. Depending on the goods, it may be that a hygienic pallet is crucial, or the weight of the load is the top consideration.

best plastic pallet

Our plastic pallet machine can produce plastic pallets to accommodate almost your needs. How do you decide which pallet is best for you?

How much do you need to hold on the best plastic pallet?

Naturally, some pallets are stronger than others, and how much can be held is important for heavy loads. Plastic pallets benefit from a hi-tech manufacturing process which produces consistent results in terms of weight-bearing. It is also possible to use different types of plastics depending on the capacity required. Wooden pallets are constructed from varying strips, meaning the strength fluctuates considerably between batches and across individual items. Depending on the design and materials used, plastic pallets can hold as much as ten times the weight of wooden pallets.

As well as selecting an appropriate pallet for weight, it is worth considering the stability of the load. Pallets with sides or lids are available.

How much your best plastic pallet will need to hold is an important factor.

What is the level of hygiene required?

Certain shipments, such as pharmaceuticals and food, have strict hygiene requirements. Plastic pallets are easy to clean and do not pose a risk in terms of mould or other contamination issues. Some manufacturers will not allow wooden pallets to enter their facilities, preferring to move the shipment onto plastic on arrival, in order to maintain cleanliness. It is worth considering a pallet specifically designed with hygiene in mind, such as those with flat and smooth tops, to make the cleaning process easier still. Spill containment pallets can also be a good idea for certain goods.

For pharmaceutical and food products that require the product to be kept at a specific temperature, plastic pallets can handle a wide variation. With the wooden alternative, extremes of temperature, both hot and cold, can cause the product to become misshapen or weakened.

Where is the shipment going?

Many countries now require a certificate of fumigation before they will accept a shipment with wooden packaging. The fumigation process can take time, cost money, and delay matters if the receiving country is not satisfied with the certification. Plastic pallets eliminate this issue altogether as they do not aid the spread of infection and disease.

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How the best plastic pallet will be moved and stored when load-bearing is another important consideration. Capacity will change between situations, such as when a pallet is stacked versus being moved by a forklift, and it’s worth checking your choice is suitable.

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