Why is Business Shifting to Pressed Plastic Pallets in Logistics?

Sep - 21
pressed plastic pallets in logistics

Why is Business Shifting to Pressed Plastic Pallets in Logistics?

As the globalization development, logistics is more and more important. Besides, business is also shifting to pressed plastic pallets in logistics.

Being an active businessman, the last thing you want is logistic headaches. The good news is that for all supply chain logistics, pressed plastic pallets are proving very appropriate.

Some time ago, whenever businesses had to supply their products, the first choice was wooden pallets. But in this present age, where even the smallest logistic problem is intolerable, more and more businesses are taking the shift from wooden to pressed plastic pallets. At the same time, the reasons for that are preponderant.

pressed plastic pallets in logistics

The following are the features of pressed plastic pallets in logistics.

Continuous Update

Most top manufacturers design their plastic pallets to last for long time. While some are constructed using structural high-density polyethylene plastic, some designs are prepared using a superior-mould pressing approach.

This specific mode is also known as polypropylene injection moulding. Each of these designs guarantees long-lasting durability- which works wonders in protecting your products. And when your products reach your customers/third-party vendors, then it means more ROI for your business. What’s more, pressed wood pallets are the new generation with recycling plastic waste.

Lighter and More Hygienic

Unlike their wooden counterparts, pressed plastic pallets are easier to transport around. Its decreased weight means less consumption of fuel when shipping all your business products. Now if you add up such small fuel savings in every load, it considerably improves your businesses’ overall profit margins and total cost of business.

Furthermore, plastic pallets don’t absorb any bacteria, smell, chemicals or any form of contaminants. While, otherwise is commonly seen when working with wooden pallets. Plastic pallets also remain impervious to rodents, pests and since no contaminants are found, there is not much hassle in cleaning them up too.

For Automation

Plastic pallet designs comply with industrial accepted specifics- be it in their uniform density and incomparable durability.

This makes them suitable for ASRS or Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems- in comparison to wooden pallets. Meanwhile, there are no slats or nails which come with plastic pallet designs. All these factors ensure friendly automation.


Plastic pallets cut down the carbon emission- usually associated with wooden pallets. They are easily recyclable into a new pallet for further use. As they offer unrivalled sustainability, pressed plastic pallets edge ahead of their wooden counterparts in this aspect too.

Each of these points makes it pretty clear why most businesses are making the shift to plastic pallets. If you want to know how to identify an adequate pressed plastic pallet, here is your ideal checklist.

Check its longevity and robustness.

Inspect its racking capacity, its overall value and also if it will prove cost-convenient or not.

See if they are consistent in its weight and size.

Invigilate its cleanliness and hygiene.

And if it is resistant to severe fire or not.

Research every iota of information and then make a decision. Remember, the success of your business is on the line.

One last thing; always trust a reliable supplier for your pallets. Check their market reputation, their customer pleasing record and the quality of pallets. You also can build your own pressed plastic pallet in low investment. And PalletMach is the professional manufacturer of pressed plastic pallet machine. We also have more than 15 years’ production experience. If you want get more information, please email us [email protected].

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