How Plastic Pallet Can Increase Your Profit!

Apr - 04
plastic pallet

How Plastic Pallet Can Increase Your Profit!

As an important tool for mechanical storage and transportation, plastic pallet is widely used in production, transportation, warehousing and commodity circulation,but the cost of makeing plastic pallet is high,how plastic pallet can increase your profit,PalletMach give you a better choice.

As a carrier with a large amount of usage, the pallets can be divided into wooden pallets, paper pallets, metal pallets, plastic pallets, and other composite pallets depending on the materials used. At present, the number of pallets has become an important symbol of the country’s logistics modernization level.

plastic pallet
plastic pallet

At present, the industry mainly classifies plastic flat pallets according to the external structure, and can be divided into two kinds of double-faced type and single-sided type. Among them, double-sided use type can be divided into two types: flat-bed double-sided type and grid-type double-sided type; single-side type can be divided into flat-panel nine-foot, flat-field type, flat-plate type, grid nine-foot, grid field Words, grid words, etc.

According to different classification standards, plastic pallets can be divided into many types: According to the form of pallets, they can be divided into three categories: plastic flat pallets, box pallets, and post pallets. The box pallet includes two kinds of lids and no lids. The upper structure should have at least three sides that can be fixed, detachable, or foldable; The box walls have a plate, format, or net structure, and are used for loading some scattered small pieces. The goods. Among them, the flat pallet is currently widely used, and it is mainly used in the logistics and transport; According to different operational requirements, flat pallets are mainly single-sided, double-sided, two-way insertion, four-way insertion and other types, which can meet Need for different transportation operations. The application range of box pallets and column pallets is relatively limited. The general packaging project is only used for the internal logistics transportation of enterprises; the column pallet is the pallet with the horizontal link (or without horizontal link) and the column at the top, and the column has Two types of fixed and detachable, mainly used to support the stacking of goods, to maintain the stability of the goods.

Plasitc pallets molding process

It is mainly applicable to the processing and production of recycled wastes. It refers to the powdery, granular, or sheet-shaped molding materials, which are first made into a blank with a shape similar to that of the products, placed in a heating mold cavity, heated and pressurized by a press, and cured. Cooled molding process. It is easy to achieve specialization and mechanized production. It can achieve mass production. The requirements for recycling scrap are not high. The resulting pallets have high dimensional accuracy and good repeatability. Therefore, many domestic companies have adopted this molding process in recent years to reduce Cost, increase production efficiency.

The molding process of plastic pallets caters to the current environmental protection, saving energy and resources in the age of the trend. By using recycled scraps and making lightweight, high-performance plastic pallets, we have achieved higher requirements with lower investment and lower environmental costs. The purpose of the plastic pallet can be used to make plastic pallets with different specifications and improve the performance of certain aspects, which is also favored by domestic and foreign companies.

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