Why are Moulded Plastic Pallets Important in Pharmaceutical Shipping?

Oct - 12
moulded plastic pallets

Why are Moulded Plastic Pallets Important in Pharmaceutical Shipping?

Moulded plastic pallets play a huge role in modern logistics industry, supporting the use of forklifts, as the important loading and unloading, storage and transportation equipment in the logistics operation. The benefits of moulded plastic pallet to the modern logistics industry are mainly reflected in achieving the unit, normalization and standardization of packaging, to protect the goods, and to facilitate the logistics and business.

Moulded plastic pallets are improtant.

Getting through customs as quickly as possible ensures that goods arrive at their destination in a timely manner. Delivery dates are crucial for industries such as food and pharmaceuticals where some products have a defined lifespan. Moulded plastic pallets minimise issues such as contamination that can be disastrous in such industries, and eliminate customs checks required with wood-based shipping materials.

With Brexit discussions heading toward a ‘no deal’ outcome, the pharmaceutical industry is facing shipping complications as the UK government advises organisations to increase their stockpiles amid concerns around customs delays. The UK will ensure a back supply of up to six weeks worth of medicines and recommends that pharmaceutical companies plan for additional stock levels, in a recent government letter. Part of the worry is that treatment facilities and patients will not have access to the medicines they need in emergency situations, with the 2017 Manchester arena bombing cited as one incident where expedient international shipping was essential.

With the need for getting pharmaceutical shipments through customs in a timely manner so crucial, what do pharmaceutical companies need to consider when selecting international shipping pallets?

Pharmaceutical shipping delays can affect manufacturers and patients.

moulded plastic pallets

The UK government’s warning around stockpiling reinforces the need to know the future requirements of the market. It can be difficult enough to meet sudden spikes in demand when it comes to the actual product, it is near impossible if shipping materials are below the required level. PalletMach moulded plastic pallet machine can produce high quality pressed plastic pallets. And the finished pressed plastic pallets are with the following features.

  1. Hygiene requirements

A pharmaceutical shipment cannot risk contamination issues associated with wooden shipping materials. Moulded plastic pallets are easy to clean and disinfect, with plastic products immune to infestation and able to withstand pressure washing. PalletMach plastic pallet machine can as far as provide high quality hygienic pallets specifically designed with smooth surfaces to enable quality cleaning.

  1. Temperature

A significant number of pharmaceutical products have very specific minimum and maximum temperature requirements which can be the difference between quality and ruined stock at the end destination. Pressed plastic pallets are able to withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees celsius which allows them to be used for a wide variety of products.

  1. Global customs

Regardless of country-specific shipping and trade agreements, a large number of countries also subscribe to a set of standards around wooden shipping materials. All wooden crates or pallets must be certified as appropriately fumigated to prevent cross-country contamination of pests and other infestations. With some customs officers requiring supporting paperwork, it can be another delay in ensuring a shipment reaches its destination.

However, pressed plastic pallets are acceptable for export into all over the world. The high pressure manufacturing process makes the pallets stronger. Hence, they will save the time and procedure of customs clearance, compared with wooden pallets.

PalletMach is dedicated to producing more suitable pressed plastic pallet machine for every customers. Whether you need pressed plastic pallets or hygienic pallets, we’ll provide you the applicable plastic pallet machine. Contact us today to start discussions.

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