Can We Reinvent the Plastic Economy by Plastic Pallet Moulding Machine?

Dec - 14
plastic economy

Can We Reinvent the Plastic Economy by Plastic Pallet Moulding Machine?

Plastic pallet moulding machine is the ideal equipment for recycling plastic wastes. Can we reinvent the plastic economy? Yes, we can. And plastic pallet moulding machine can deal with plastic wastes effectively.

At the dawn of the Plastic Age, a popular ad showed a cartoonish stork delivering a real baby wrapped entirely in clear plastic. The bizarre 1950s ad boasted, “The best things in life come in Cellophane.”

Of course, we have long known that it would be folly to actually wrap babies in plastic. But only now are we beginning to appreciate the unforeseen dangers of wrapping a child’s world in plastic. Since that ad first ran, the throwaway plastic economy has created a global environmental scourge.

Fortunately, we now have a unique opportunity to fix that.

The world’s oceans are choking on plastic. Every year millions of tons of plastic straws, plastic bags, food wrappers, bottles, Styrofoam, plastic fishing gear and other plastics cascade into the sea. This trash kills countless fish, more than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals annually.

plastic economy

Worse still, plastic eventually breaks down into microparticles that are now everywhere. And our children are eating it. Microplastics are widely found in tap water and bottled water. Most commercial sea salt contains plastic particles. One expert estimates that returning B.C. salmon ingest up to 90 plastic particles a day. In a recent survey, the average B.C. shellfish contained eight plastic particles – particles that may contain endocrine inhibitors and carcinogens.

And plastic waste problem is rapidly growing. With plastic production doubling every 20 years, it research estimates that by 2050 the oceans could contain more plastic than fish.

Furthermore, the current plastics economy is a colossal waste of petroleum. In fact, 95 percent of all plastic value is lost after only a single use. At current trends, the plastics industry could consume 15 percent of the world’s total carbon budget by 2050. Clearly we need to reinvent the world’s plastic economy. Thus, plastic pallet moulding machine is a better choice that disposes of plastic waste.

plastic pallet moulding machine

Plastic pallet moulding machine is designed to produce various moulded plastic pallets. But, the raw materials for it are PVC, PP, PS, HIPS, PET, APET, PETG, waste plastic, HDPE scrap, PE scrap,     PP scrap, and waste plastic pallet, and so on. The price of the raw materials is less than 50%, so the production cost is also lower than 50%. In addition, the technology process of plastic pallet making machine is easier, and easy to operate.

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