The materials and application of plastic pallet

Apr - 16
plastic pallets

The materials and application of plastic pallet

Most of the plastic pallet manufacturers use HDPE as an important material for processing, but in actual production. In order to save costs, it can be confused according to the different characteristics of the waste, the difference in share, to reach the functional requirements for the production of plastic pallets.

plastic pallet
plastic pallet

The following is a share composition of waste plastic contaminated materials.

HDPE (Grade I) is not less than 85%, PET or PVC is no more than 10%, PS or ABS is no more than 10%, PA is no more than 5%, and no plasticity is no more than 5%.

It must be noted that the plastic index of waste plastic must reach the injection molding requirements.

The following is a material composition of a plastic pallet.

  • HDPE copolymer: 100kg
  • Peacock blue: 0.2kg
  • Lightweight calcium carbonate: 25kg
  • Titanium dioxide: 0.02kg

Plastic Pallets Application

Plastic pallets are suitable for a wide range of applications and are suitable for some transportation industries. They can save a lot of time and labor costs and are welcomed by customers. What is a plastic pallet? Originally, it refers to a type of consignment made of plastic. The materials are relatively solid, they are subject to more items, and the bearing capacity is relatively large, which is very suitable for transportation.

No matter in which industry is inseparable from the application of plastic pallets, in the food industry to use plastic pallets to stack items, as in the agricultural products or other industries, are inseparable from the use of plastic pallets, and that is the price of plastic pallets are also compared It is cheap, it is suitable for the application of some large and medium-sized enterprises, and it is more convenient to use, can also produce different kinds of samples according to the customer’s requirements.

The most used plastic pallets nowadays are the four major categories of packaging factories, wineries, food factories, and chemical plants. The packaging plants are mainly used for shipping and turnover materials to save space. The winery drinks factory is mainly to save space. It is usually used for palletizing, and food factories mainly store articles that some countries have stipulated are not allowed to touch the ground. Chemical plants are mainly used for relatively bulky things and are inconvenient to handle. Using plastic pallets can not only reduce labor but also increase work efficiency.

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