What can we do in the face of shocking plastic pollution?

Mar - 26
plastic pollution

What can we do in the face of shocking plastic pollution?

The environmental pollution caused by plastic waste is also called white pollution, plastic pollution refers to the use various types of living plastic products made of polystyrene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other high-molecular compounds and then disposed of as solid waste, usually divided into disposable plastic bags, disposable lunch boxes, disposable plastic film and so on. Due to random littering, and difficult to degrade, the environment is destroyed and the environment is seriously polluted.

plastic pollution
plastic pollution

Plastics are widely used in many applications because of low processing cost, cheap price, light weight and durable, they have been well-received since the invention and have been widely used. However, the large amount of waste plastic used has brought about huge pollution. According to a set of data on the Internet, 40 million tons of waste plastics are accumulated in the environment each year, but our country has 2 million tons of waste plastics every year. These two data are still increasing year by year! A large number of plastics have caused huge pollution to the environment, which seriously threatens our ecological environment.

Most of the waste plastic is discarded on land or buried in land. The toxic substances generated in the step-by-step degradation process will remain in the soil and cause soil pollution. What’s more serious is that when plants absorb nutrients from the land, they are very likely to absorb toxic substances and damage the growth of plants. In addition, plastics also reduce soil fertility.

Because most plastics are light in texture, they are easily discarded and easily blown into rivers and enter the sea along with flowing water to form marine plastic pollution. Compared with soil plastic pollution, marine plastic pollution is even more serious. Because of the large area of ​​the ocean, plastics are not easy to salvage; secondly, plastics will spread to other places along with tsunami and waves; many animals in the ocean will die from eating plastic or being plagued by plastic.

What can we do in the face of shocking plastic pollution?

First, plastic waste classification. This will give you a general knowledge of waste classification. Recyclable garbage, as its name implies, can be used to recycle recycled garbage. It is mainly made of paper, plastic, metal, and fabric that can be reused. The plastic products can be recycled: plastic bottles, waste plastic containers, plastic bags, plastic packaging, toothpaste, disposable plastic tableware.

Second, reuse plastic bags, more paper bags. Although I proposed the “plastic limit order” a few years ago every year, people still use plastic products, especially plastic bags, for convenience. We can reuse plastic bags, which can reduce the production of waste plastics to some extent, and use paper bags to be more environmentally friendly.

Third, plastic bottles are not just thrown.

Bottles of mineral water, beverages, etc. that normally drink water should not be thrown indiscriminately. You can collect and sell them yourself or throw them into recyclable trash cans.

Nowadays, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. Not only plastic pollution, but also other pollution threatens the environment we live in. Protecting the environment begins with me and starts with the small things around us.

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