Who is more cost-effective between plastic pallet and molded wood pallet? 

Mar - 27
plastic pallet

Who is more cost-effective between plastic pallet and molded wood pallet? 

Pallet is a horizontal plate used for assembling and storing the stock for easy handling and transportation,normally plastic pallet and molded wood pallet is widey used in global, pallet can realize the unitization, standardization and standardization of goods packaging, facilitate logistics and business flow, effectively protect goods, reduce wear of goods, save packaging materials, reduce packaging costs, save transportation costs, promote modernization and mechanization of ports, speed up loading and unloading, speed up transportation, and reduce artificial labor intensity.

Who is more cost-effective between plastic pallet and molded pallet?

Plastic pallets are logistics units that are used in conjunction with logistic equipment such as forklifts and shelves. It can be used to store, load, and transport goods. It is one of the essential logistics equipment in modern logistics and warehousing.

plastic pallet
plastic pallet

The full name of the molded wood pallet is the plant fiber molded flat industrial pallet, which belongs to the overall structure. The top surface of the tray is smooth, which can meet the transportation of various goods.

Plastic pallets use thermoplastic plastics such as PE/PP as raw materials, plus some additives for improving performance. They are produced by injection molding, blow-molding, vacuum suction, and extrusion.

molded wood pallet
molded wood pallet

The molding wood pallets are made of shavings, wood chips, plant straws, etc. The raw materials are first steam-dried at 148°C~138°C from high temperature to low temperature, and the heat treatment time is 30 minutes. Then the mixture is mixed with a thermosetting resin and molded at 220°C for one-time forming.

Plastic pallets features

  1. the board is evenly distributed across the vertical and horizontal, nine foot distribution to meet the forklift four-way insertion;
  2. Exemption of fumigation from export, quarantine exemption, and visa-free access;
  3. can achieve recycling, recycling, reuse, no pollution, the recovery rate of up to 100%;
  4. The production process is once formed, with few intermediate links, large output, saving manpower and material resources;
  5. no moisture absorption, no deformation, waterproof, pest control, termite resistance, anti-corrosion, non-flammable.

Molded wood pallets features

  1. The structure is diversified and four sides can be inserted to facilitate the operation of forklifts, hydraulic pallet trucks and other handling tools;
  2. free steamed smoke, export health can be exempt;
  3. The repairability after damage is very low. After a certain degree of damage, it can only be scrapped, but the waste can be recycled;
  4. the same is a molding, the cost is lower than the molded tray;
  5. Adaptability in the special commodity market;
  6. corrosion-resistant, non-rot, no nails, no thorns, non-toxic, tasteless, easy to wash and disinfect.

Plastic pallet load capacity

  • Weight: 3-20kg
  • Dynamic load weight: 300-1000kg
  • Static load weight: 1000-7000kg


Molded wood pallet load capacity

  • Weight: 10-20kg
  • Dynamic load weight: 2000kg
  • Static load weight: 6000-8000kg

Plastic pallet is suitable for use in chemical, food, automobile manufacturing, bio-pharmaceuticals, electronic appliances and other industries, favored by the food, pharmaceutical industry, widely used in chemical, textile, logistics, manufacturing and other fields

Molded wood pallet is mainly used to transport and store goods in docks, freight yards, warehouses, workshops, shopping malls and other places. They form a mobile unit or handling unit with the cargo and cooperate with forklifts, vans, and scoops.

Above all, the performance of molded wood pallet is higher than that of plastic pallet. However, due to market conditions, product popularity, and specifications, plastic pallets are more popular with the market, but if based on manufacturing costs, product structure diversity, load capacity, and usage conditions, daptability and other reasons; the use of molded wood pallets will become more common. Therefore, in terms of cost performance, plastic pallet is better in the user’s heart , but molded wood pallet is also a product with great potential.

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