Author: palletmach

Apr - 18
foreign wastes

China rejects foreign wastes for three months

For decades, China has been the world’s largest importer of foreign wastes, and many countries take this identity for granted. With the Chinese government’s surprising decision to stop importing 24 kinds of wastes starting from 2018, its status as the…

Apr - 16
plastic pallets

The materials and application of plastic pallet

Most of the plastic pallet manufacturers use HDPE as an important material for processing, but in actual production. In order to save costs, it can be confused according to the different characteristics of the waste, the difference in share, to…

Apr - 04
plastic pallet

How Plastic Pallet Can Increase Your Profit!

As an important tool for mechanical storage and transportation, plastic pallet is widely used in production, transportation, warehousing and commodity circulation,but the cost of makeing plastic pallet is high,how plastic pallet can increase your profit,PalletMach give you a better choice.…